In Bloom :: Energize | Nourish | Connect

In Bloom is designed to support and empower you throughout your profound transformation into motherhood and prepare you for the arrival of your baby and this exciting new chapter in life.

Pregnancy is one of the highest states of transformation and growth for a Mother. You are the first home and you create that first environment for baby to thrive. Guidance and preparation during pregnancy, labor and birth comes from having a deep connection to your body, your baby and your intuition. It is here that we learn to trust our wisdom and honor our own beautiful unique journey.

In Bloom is led in a small semi private group setting. Classes are dedicated to strengthen and support your body as it shifts, to allow space for you to cultivate an intimate relationship with your baby, and to connect you to a wonderful community of mothers. This time is a commitment and investment in yourSelf and your baby during one of your greatest rites of passage as a Mother.


Your Sessions include:

-Yoga practice and strengthening exercises designed to stabilize, invigorate and connect you to your body.

-Birth preparation including physical coping techniques and tips for every stage of labor

-Preparation for Postpartum life

-Breath work + Meditation

-Q+A space

-Each session is 90 minutes

When: Thursdays | 9:00-10:30 am

Where: Santa Monica

space is limited, no makeups