TAKE A SEAT // 21 Day Meditation


Our 21 DAY MEDITATION starts today taking us through to January 1st. This is a collective way (via @umamother and @pattiquintero ) for us to support each other in a sitting practice for the last 20 days of the year into the new year. It’s simple. All you have to do is commit to showing up for yourSelf, and take a seat. I will be sharing a new theme or mantra daily, and will also share a few free audios of my own and from some of my fellow Meditation teachers along the way.

Here are some tips that may help you #TakeASeat

  1. SET A TIMER for yourself, preferably with a gentle waking sound. If you have an existing Medi practice continue for the amount of time you sit daily. If you are new to sitting start with 10 minutes and consider working your way up to 15 the following week and then 20 the last week. ( we can all carve 10-20 min out of our day, consistency will pay off )
  2. COMFORT is KEY. If you don’t have a meditation cushion I recommend sitting up on a firm bolster or blanket that will support your posture. You want to make sure you are sitting with a long spine and a neutral pelvis. You can also sit in a chair or up against a wall for added support. Your legs may fall asleep in the beginning, and you may fall asleep too ;) it’s ok…just be patient with your process and stay committed.
  3. FIND AN ANCHOR.  Let your breath guide you. A great way to stay focused is with a simple silent mantra which follows the inhale and the exhale. Eventually the mantra may go silent as you go deeper. Close your eyes and lift your inner gaze lightly to the space between your eyebrows, but keep your eyes relaxed. This is one way. If you are easily distracted you can add meditation music. Here is a playlist up on the UMA SPOTIFY called RETURN which has several tracks of music to guide you inward.
  4. JOURNAL. Keep a simple log of your 21 days. I suggest my students keep a log in the NOTES section of their phone. Make a list from 1-21 and every day log in how long you sat and a few words or thoughts that came through during that meditation. Be honest, sometimes all you will do is think of all the things you have to do when you sit, but with time the mental patterns will start to shift into greater stillness. TRUST the PROCESS. 

Feel free to Share the mantras, themes, quotes and photos along the way to help inspire this powerful movement of mindfulness. TAGS @umamother #liveyourmagic #umamother