My Story

Hi I'm Patti Quintero, mama of two + founder of UMA.

I have been teaching Yoga + Meditation in the Los Angeles area since 1998, and am one of the senior Teachers + Teacher Trainers at YogaWorks.

I am a California girl raised in Colombia and Miami with a lifelong passion for teaching. As a child, I sought out moments to express myself and find magic through movement, dance, music and quiet spaces of stillness and reflection. I connected with others through teaching and practicing what I would later discover as Yoga and Meditation. After completing my Masters in Education at the University of Miami, I moved back to Los Angeles to teach Kindergarten. It was there that I discovered the importance of bringing Yoga and Meditation into my students' lives.
I began working with Mothers and specializing in Pre + Post Natal yoga during my first pregnancy in 2003. My practice and teaching became the greatest tools for me to embrace this powerful metamorphosis. They taught me to tune into myself, listen to my body and trust this humbling and magnificent process. 

In 2013, I launched SoulShine Colombia, a nonprofit project designed to bring Yoga, Meditation and Clean Water to underprivileged adolescent mothers and their children.  Now as a Doula, Teacher and Mother I have created UMA, a movement dedicated to  Yoga, Meditation, Connection and Conscious Activism.  UMA means Goddess of Light and Mother of the Universe.  This feminine essence is within EVERY Woman and is expressed through our creations, our devotion, and our innate spiritual knowledge. This energy reminds us that when we stand grounded in love and unified in diversity we can transform and ignite change and growth in every situation.

I currently live in Los Angeles with my children where I work with a longtime private clientele, teach group classes, Women's gatherings and lead workshops and trainings in both English + Spanish.  I am part of the LMU Yoga Therapy Faculty and have just launched my UMA Pre + Postnatal Teacher Training. I have taught at the Yoga Journal Conference and have been featured on E! Entertainment Network, Access Hollywood Online; in numerous publications including Yoga Journal, LA Yoga, Cookie Magazine and Working Mother; and in the Yoga Works Beginners AM/PM and Journey to Birth DVDs. Find my online classes for all levels in both English and Spanish here